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Storm Shield Shelters is Oklahoma's premier in-ground garage storm shelter builder and installer. Our shelters have been approved and passed by Texas Tech, the only FEMA approved engineers in the country, demonstrating the strength, durability, and saftey of our shelters. These test ensure your shelter will take impacts from a 250MPH ground speed tornado. Dont wait for the next life-threatening tornado to be prepared!


For more information or to schedule your install please contact us as 405-633-0769. 

Contact Information

Contact Information

Storm Shield Shelters OK
1141 S.E. Grand Blvd Suite 117

OKC, OK 73129


Phone: 405.633.0769
Email: Stormshieldsheltersok@gmail.com


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We are open during the following hours: Call us M-F from 8AM-5PM



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